The Fix Program

​​Pregnancy Pilates from the comfort of your home

Looking to exercise safely during your pregnancy?

Join physiotherapist Katrina as she teaches you safe prenatal Pilates. Including:

  • Posture and back strengthening.

  • Pelvic floor muscle strengthening and awareness.

  • Stretching and relaxation.

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Prenatal exercise for every stage of your pregnancy

Safe Pilates exercise for all abilities.


Learn the fundamentals with Katrina and follow a week by week program, or

choose your favourite classes and do them time and time again.


Start with the fundamentals, moving through the prenatal Beginners and Advanced programs.


Feel like an extra challenge? Take a short themed class targeting your butt, shoulders or legs.


Stressed and sore? Enjoy a prenatal stretch and relaxation class.


Build your pelvic floor awareness with our Mindful Pelvic Floor Workouts.


There is a program for every woman throughout every stage of her pregnancy journey.

Access your

Included in your course are three free classes:
  • 1. Easing Into Pregnancy Exercise
  • 2. Pregnancy Shoulders and Arms Workout
  • 3. Pregnancy Stretch Class

Enjoy three FREE pregnancy-safe exercise classes for you to do at home, anytime.

The Fix Program made a massive difference in the way I have felt and have taken care of my body during my first, and now second pregnancy. It made me feel strong, confident about myself, and let me get my body back after having a baby in no time. 

If you're looking for a program that makes you sweat and yet feels safe for your body and your baby, I can't recommend this program enough!

<p><span style="color: #000000ff;"><span class="italic"><span class="text-lg">Joanna H</span></span></span></p>,

Joanna H

Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

Feel stronger and in control.


Feel more prepared for your labour.


Understand your pelvic floor better.


Experience less pregnancy back pain.


Our prenatal Pilates classes are designed by physiotherapists and endorsed by obstetricians with you and your baby in mind.

you will love our physiotherapy approach to exercise

Our exercises are based on research.


All of our Pilates exercises are safe and appropriate for pregnancy.


We don't just exercise, we inform, we educate and give you great tips.


Our Pilates classes offer modifications to our exercises in case you feel a little sore and need safer options.


You have the expertise of a physio right at home with you.

Tempt the tastebuds

Try Katrina's class Easing into Pregnancy Exercise.

Warm up, work hard, stretch. And learn some great tips along the way.

Free 7 Day Trial

At 33 weeks pregnant I’m feeling fit, strong and ready for whatever childbirth throws at me! I love that the classes are run by an experienced physio, who provided lots of personalised support throughout my journey. Thanks so much Katrina!

<p><span style="color: #000000ff;"><span class="text-lg">Bridget A</span></span></p>,

Bridget A

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Save big with our 12 month limited access subscription to all content. This will take you all the way from pregnancy to birth, and begin your safe gentle return to exercise from 6 weeks with our post natal collection. That's only $5.75 per week!

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Meet Katrina

Katrina will be your instructor and educator. She will be with you every single step of your pregnancy and post natal journey. She is a Sydney-based physiotherapist with over 27 years experience working in the clinical and online settings. Katrina is a mother to 2 busy boys, so she knows all about pregnancy, birth and post natal recovery. She loves movement, exercise and of course, the Sydney sunshine.

You're in safe hands with The Fix Program

Physiotherapy safe pregnancy Pilates for you.

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